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My passion for art is in my blood. My late mother was an artist.   As the youngest of 5 children, I spent a majority of my childhood in her art studio, watching her paint and create!   It took me 50 years and a midlife crisis to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do.   I was an artist and ready to live my life on that path!

The question that I'm most often asked about my paintings is how and why do you do them.

The how has two components - the mechanics of working with liquid acrylics, and the spiritual side of getting ready to do a painting and the kind energy that I focus on imbuing it with.

For the second part, the why : when you find a passion inside yourself that is so strong that you cannot conceive of not doing it, I believe that is direct conscious contact with spirit.   Ive felt this way about art all my life, but the intensity that happened when I started doing these spiritual-energy-based paintings is a feeling so strong it's nearly indescribable.   Its a core knowing that you are on the right path.

My goal with each painting, is to tap into that Fifth Dimension vibrational energy that we as a species are evolving towards, and to then capture that moment in color on canvas so that the person viewing it can experience that higher vibrational energy, for healing and personal growth.

I believe that every painting the Universe and I create is meant for someone, it's only a matter of time before they find eachother    ❤ Namaste my friends.   Be well and blessed!         my etsy page


  • a student of or authority on ritual practices or religious rites.
  • a person who practices or advocates observance of ritual, as in religious services.

As part of our company, 2 Young Crones, I write and publish a full moon ritual on a monthly basis.

Energy Worker - Reiki Master

picture of Su performing reiki on a client

I am a 3rd level Reiki Master and light worker.   I fill my artwork and all creative projects with light, love, hope and joy.   Aside from healing treatments for individuals, I am a student of conscious creation and strive to maintain awareness of my own energy and the energy around me.