Crafting a Magickal Life

hand drawing of book with open pages

Our book, Crafting a Magickal Life, was written by 2 Young Crones to provide a year-long daily experience using five categories of entries:

  • Information
  • Something to Think About
  • Something to Write About
  • Something to Do
  • Something to Make

The entries are based on personal experiences with walking the path of Witchcraft and allows readers to devote a few minutes each day to trying out different aspects of a spiritual practice.

Our wish is that this book will make you think about some things you may never have encountered before or generates new perspectives for you; that you grow and develop spiritually in ways that bring you joy; and most of all, that you begin or renew the process of making magick a part of your everyday life so that you develop some balance between the magickal and mundane worlds we walk between.

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