about our crones

hand drawing of stylized crescent moon

About these two young crones ...

We are 2 Young Crones who have been practicing our own style of Witchcraft together for over a decade and decided to create a business that promotes self-empowerment through spirituality, ritual practice, and art.

We are working to create an on-line community for like-minded individuals and to further these goals, we have written a book, are offering complete Full Moon rituals, which can be purchased individually or as a subscription, memberships at different levels that offer access to unique content such as our library an on-line forum, and will offer various fun and unique merchandise and art for purchase in our upcoming 2 Young Crones Moon Shop.


I am Elizabeth, one of the 2 Young Crones, who is a grandmother/guardian living with 7 kids, between age 18 and 9, who keep me busier than I like to admit even to myself. I understand how difficult it can be to make time for any type of personal spirituality, let alone find privacy anywhere for more than 90 seconds on a typical day. Last employed as a counselor, I find that my greatest creative outlet at the moment involves some type of writing.

My current goal is to grow up to be as eccentric as possible.

Check out my personal page for more about me and what I am up to at the moment.


I am Su, one of the 2 Young Crones. I share my life with my partner Dave, our beagle, Vudu and my black (with brown highlights) cat Gitsie.

I am an artist, an energy worker and a gardener who sings 70’s rock hits to her raspberry plants!

My goal is to be a deliberate creator, connecting to Divine and sharing that energy with others through artwork and all my creations.

Check out my personal page for more about me and what I am up to at the moment.