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Subscription Service:

We have been writing and performing rituals for over 20 years both together and as solitary practitioners.   In January 2019 we began offering our monthly full moon ritual service.   We believe that by becoming more in tune with the natural world and Her cycles of energy, we can promote more balance and create more abundance in our lives, while also healing ourselves and the world!

Included in your monthly purchase is an astrologically accurate (to the day) Full Moon Ritual, a full list of any supplies the ritual might need and lots of helpful hints so that anyone of any experience level can achieve a wonderfully magickal event!   The “working” part of the ritual changes every month, depending on the energy we are working with on that day and the best way to use that energy to make positive changes in our lives.

If you’ve wanted to start a spiritual practice or strengthen and explore your current path, celebrating the Full Moon on a regular basis is an amazing place to begin.

Full Moon Rituals

Remember, your Monthly Magickal Email from 2 Young Crones ( delivered to your inbox one week prior to the Full Moon dates ) will include:

  • A complete, beautifully written ritual based on the astrological correspondences for the current Moon.

  • A summary of the current energy and examples of creative ways to use that energy for self-improvement and empowerment.

  • A detailed supplies list that will not include any bizarre items so you can easily gather what you need.   We consider the varying physical abilities of users so that anyone can participate

  • Step by step ritual script so that anyone can have a positive experience!

  • Suggestions on altar set up as well as candle and incense choices, FAQs and other practical helpful hints to make the ritual experience rewarding for you

  • Prompt response to any questions you may have via email.

Go to our Etsy site to purchase the current month's offering

Custom Rituals

Do you need a personalized ritual for yourself or a group that doesn’t seem to fit the normal purposes of your everyday Sabbat or Esbat?   This could be a dedication or rededication, a marriage, a celebration of a graduation, a welcoming of a new baby, or a way to honor an Ancestor or other loved one.

The consultation process is free and the price of the ritual itself depends upon the complexity involved.   You will receive your ritual at least two (2) weeks prior to the date needed.

Use our Contact Form to request a questionnaire designed to help us determine how best we can craft a custom a ritual to meet your purpose and give you the ability to celebrate as you feel you should.

Custom Spells

After looking at our Spell in a Box kits, do you need a spell to serve a different purpose or are you not sure exactly what you want or need?

The consultation process is free.   The price of the spell itself depends upon the complexity involved and whether you just want the instructions on how to cast it or if you want us to create a custom spell in a box kit for your personal spell.

Use our Contact Form to request a questionnaire designed to help us determine how best we can craft a custom spell for you.